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The general rule of social media these days for businesses is pay to play. Even if you have an established following, organic reach isn't going to get your message out to your followers. You need paid social campaigns even to reach your own fans. Take Facebook for instance, an engaging post on your company page may only reach 5% of your fans at best. Facebook has worked out how to monetize your presence and the answer is through paid ads. Even with this realization, it can still be worth it since promoted posts and ads can work out much cheaper than Google Ads.

Google Ads and PPC work more as a pull campaign. You are trying to pull people to your website to take action. Paid social campaigns work best in a kind of push fashion. You are trying to reach pre-existing communities and target audiences with your messages. It's not always about bringing them to your website but more about influencing their ideas and behaviour or growing your reach and impressions. Which social media platform you select depends on who you are trying to reach. At North Shore Digital we have experience with all the major platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat... Depending on your goals we recommend certain types of ads and promotion on a variety of platforms. 

A. Paid Social (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

Walk-Through & Consultation

Campaign Set-Up

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Campaign Analytics

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"Facebook ads have been hugely successful in bringing targeted traffic to our website. The CPC and number of leads has been better than Google ads."
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David Runte

Paid Social Campaigns

The details about how we set up and run your campaign...

The first thing we do is meet with you or communicate via email so that we can fill out the campaign brief. After this is completed and you have sent us any requested logins, we create your campaign. The cost of the campaign could vary significantly and so we will send you a quote for the work depending on your requirements.


  1. Remarketing – if you are interested in targeting visitors to your website on a particular social media channel, we can set this up, e.g. using a Pixel for Facebook. This can be a highly effective strategy since they already know who you are and have shown interest in your company.
  2. Conversions – if you are using paid social in a pull fashion to drive traffic to your website, make sure you set up conversion tracking. We can do this for you if you don’t know what this. It’s basically working out what you want people to do on your site and then tracking that as conversions.  

We will set up campaign analytics tracking to monitor and digest your campaign results as they take place. We can then optimize or tweak anything that needs changing.  

After the campaign has ended, we will send you a digest report of your results, including any future recommendations and analysis